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Blue Topia MCPE V8.8

Published Jun 14, 2015
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Bieber_28 6 months ago
It looks amazing! But. Can you download it on a iPhone  
Nefeli09 7 months ago
Omg this is amazing 
BrianChing200046 5 months ago
thank you, but if u have any feedback, please do tell us :)
Brian Ching 9 months ago

thanks Allen77 :) if you would like to, do give us some comments so that we can improve or fix :)

Allen77 10 months ago
Nice job on the map 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
FloBoi 11 months ago


FloBoi 11 months ago

Rejected. We do not allow google Doc links in the description or download.

Brian Ching 1 year ago

We have tested that our map is working perfectly fine on 0.15.0 or below. A new version is coming soon (in a week) for 016.0, with more new features: Extension of railroads, even more buildings, more games in FunLand , and more to be explored by you!! If you face any problem installing this version, wait for the next version and problems should be fixed then!!! Thanks for your supports!!!! I love you guys!! 🙂

Elmo122122 1 year ago

I got sup confused on how to download this map

BrianChing200046 10 months ago
Download the .zipped file. You can refer to the Read Me file, there are step by step instructions for both Windows 10 edition and Pocket Edition. 
Brian Ching 1 year ago

This is a huge map, it may crash for some reason. For people who own Windows 10 edition of Minecraft PE, we recommend using it to play, cuz is much smoother. We have tested the map and it should be working fro android and windows 10 (galaxy note 2, galaxy note 5, galaxy A7, galaxy A9 2016 and Surface Pro 3 i7 8GB version).

Thanks you for downloading Blue City, explore and like our map!!

Thanks Qwerty6811 for reporting, but till now, we can't do anything about it. We will try to contact MCPE Hub.