Massive Village Seed

Published Jul 14, 2014
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Sladewilson 7 months ago

This seed is really awesome guys. If you want a fun survival seed or an instant town for a castle project either way this seed is for you. I have gotten so far on this seed. Gonna go kill the Dragon soon!

TriceraFish 10 months ago

She isn't lying. I think the picture just represents an exaggeration that the village you come across is HUGE. I found an acacia village and its like 3 or 4 vilages combined. despite the picture being wrong the seed is worth it. it even comes with a blacksmith

TriceraFish 10 months ago
and in the blacksmith place there is a chest with iron pants and obsidian, so you lucky to have an instant obsidian to make a nether portal without the hassle if youre in survival
Blue1Jays2 11 months ago

It does bring up a big village but not the one in the picture

owen250708 8 months ago
4 acacia villages. this is not the one in the image(s). be careful when downloading
rcbye426 1 year ago
I can't wait to try this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gasboss775 1 year ago

Question to anyone who got the massive village from this seed, what version of Minecraft where you playing???

gasboss775 1 year ago

I just realised that its version 1.0.1 ( MCPE ) I'm running. Anyway as for the seed there is another village if you follow the river in the other direction this village is mostly at the bottom of a hill but the church and one house are on top of the hill also there's a well about halfway up the hill! 

If you follow the river quite a bit further there's a 4

gasboss775 1 year ago

Iam beta testing what I think will become 0.17.x 

At spawn there's a double acacia village including 2 blacksmiths both with chests one has an iron sword. There is lots of food between the two attached villages including wheat, potatoes & carrots also quite a few animals, though other than to get wool there ain't really the need to slaughter the livestock! 

If you cross the river and walk across a few fields you will find another village.