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Published May 27, 2016
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Snickereater12 17 days ago

Is the server going to be u up soon please try to hurry.

NINJA 18 days ago
How do i join the server? Im new. Just joined 1/2/17
Minecraft_Man 20 days ago
Help how do I insert link to upload my pe map I made
Itz_CloudyCat 30 days ago

Nice server. But I would like to warn you though:

if someone comes on named xSurge7w7 ban them immediately. They were an annoyance to my server and probably will be to yours. If you would like proof, just check the comments of my server BumbleCraft and the profile of Surge. I hope your server doesn't have the same problems with him as I did

Thank you for your time andI Hope you have a merry Christmas!

IamR0B 1 month ago

Lazerplays Thnx for the tour, and I have visited several  times since. I hope to see you more often back at my server as well.  You have inspired me to seek a larger server platform,  hopefully some how I can transfer some of my current map when I do, without starting over from scratch. 

Lazerplayz 1 month ago

ShearSaucer54 our second owner Callum9966 was hacked into there is no reason for you to absolutely go mad about being banned on our server you can simply just report your ban on your website and we will help you.🙂

Lazerplayz 1 month ago

Our ip is and we where hacked into but our host @NetherBox gave us a anti op file and we are online so enjoy 

Callum9966 3 months ago

No entiendo lo que Menan