How to Connect to Minecraft Servers

Published Aug 23, 2017
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In this guide, we will go over on connecting to a Minecraft server. This is not a guide on connecting or starting a Realms server.

  1. (Optional): You will need to purchase or have a server to connect to. If you are attempting to start your own server, you will need to purchase one prior to connecting. We suggest purchasing a Minecraft server from NetherBox. We have a promotional link for you to use to get 25% off your Minecraft server with NetherBox, just click here.
  2. You will need the Minecraft launcher. You will also need a Premium Minecraft account. 
  3. When the launcher is downloaded, you will need to open the launcher. We suggest launching the game from the launcher on the latest Minecraft version, which will be the default option when you first open the launcher. Simply launch the game using the green “Play” button. 
  4. When the game has opened, simply click the “Multiplayer” button. This is very different from the “Minecraft Realms” menu, which we do not currently have a guide for. 
  5. On the Multiplayer menu, you have the option to either “Direct Connect” to a server, or “Add Server,” which adds a server to your server bookmarks. For servers you will frequently join, such as your own server, we recommend the “Add Server” option. We will go over the Add Server option in this guide. 
  6. When you click “Add Server,” you will need to input the server name and the server address. The server name can be whatever you would like it to be. In this guide, we will be connecting to the Hypixel Network server. As we’re connecting to Hypixel, I will input “Hypixel” in the server name field. In the server address field, I’ll input “” which is the IP address used to connect to Hypixel. We recommend leaving the “Server Resource Packs” setting on prompt. 
  7. With all fields now filled out, you can click Done. You will then be sent back to the Multiplayer main menu, and you can join the server by double-clicking. 

You should now be connected to any Minecraft server of your choice.

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