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Published May 14, 2015
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Today I'm very happy to roll out the new MCPE Hub blog. We'll be filling up this space with all kinds of MCPE-related content, such as update news, exclusive interviews with community members, and giveaways. If you'd like to see something specific here, please write a comment down below.

With 0.11 on the horizon, we're looking to update the site ready for all the new 0.11 content. In the coming weeks we'll be introducing new categorization options for your posts to make it easier for users to find content compatible with the new update. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter for additional information as we release it.

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bigops55 8 years ago

😕Hey Robert. My server KydzCraft needs approval could you please approve it?

Cheepie 9 years ago

Could you please have a link or post that has a link or contacts page so I could ask some questions about the site? Because I submit appropriate and functional skins sometimes and they are rejected and I would like to know why so that I may not do whatever I am doing incorrectly again! Oh and you should also blog about how the mcpehub.com system works with moderators and stuff! Please!

thanks for this cool website too! I use it all the time! I always recommend it too!

thanks for your time and consideration,


ButterCup 9 years ago

How we we download skins and mods and such