Moonscape custom terrain

Published Oct 18, 2016
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CosmicPegasus34 2 years ago

Hi. The Map isn’t loading in Minecraft 1.2, because the Resource Pack folder, the Behavior Pack Folder, the world_icon files are missing. Besides the db folder, the level.dat file and the level.dat_old file and levelname file. These files are the ones that aren’t missing. When I import it starts to import then goes back to the start screen and doesn’t load in the world. Please fix this...

Minecraft Hub 3 years ago

Love it and love the amount of effort put in! This one got a spot on our featured list. 🙂👍💎🍎

keithross39 3 years ago

Hi lucas290 yes it did. Just prepping the build area was a big enough job on its own. Getting rid of a forest, filling in areas of water/Marsh/small ponds, covering entrances to caves......

And then there's the build itself.....hand placing aprox 50,000 stone and cobblestone blocks....

Would like to see how you use this build.....what do you have in mind to build?


alucas290 3 years ago

Awesome build! i mgiht use it . But i bet this took a lot of work 🙂nice job! -Lucas290 (Austin Lucas)