BetterPortals addon for MCPE 1.12+ [for the first time]

Published Sep 6, 2019
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FlipoChannel 7 days ago
i dont know bro if u want to downlaod it easier download it from a pc its much easier and im sorry if the ads bothred u
Loganchids in reply to FlipoChannel 7 days ago

When i click download mod it doesnt take me anywhere because its not safe i just need the mediafire link

FlipoChannel 8 days ago

look prees on the download button after click on the *im not robot* then few pages will pop upu just keep close them i think they're 3 any way after u close them all back to the downlaod page and click on *click here to continue* and u w ill get to counter down 8 wait 8 secs and at the end u will get to a page have a long text just scrool all the way down till u get to *click here to continue* but its color is red dont forget about that

LordTeemo 11 days ago
Bro the link does not work 
FlipoChannel 10 days ago
ok im sorry im gonna fix it right now im so sorry
FlipoChannel 10 days ago

ok wait im gonna check it and back ok

LolImBoi 12 days ago
i use the mod it also add a new portals whaat
wrffgdgd 12 days ago
sogoii im gonna use it right noooooow
woahman 12 days ago
ohhhh man that's soo siike i love u bro
lmalik6 12 days ago
whaat up side down nether portal that's crazy dude
MyNameIsJeff25 12 days ago
bro henstly this mod is fucking amazing i watch it on a ytbr and it looks soo cool