Biomes O' Plenty Add on

Published Sep 7, 2019
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XxGalaxy_ChanxX 1 year ago
Hello! Many of you reading this will realise the other comments and problems. If the creator does not care, than he they shouldn't ignore us. Please read this. If you make a creation that everyone has been looking for, don't abandon it! Its not that hard. If were led to a spam website or virus website or  inappropriate content  (so and so..) We can't necessarily install what we just wanted for our game! So please check the link, re-make it. I hope you understand. We all just want you to fix it.
CharlieBaer 7 months ago
If you're still looking for a biomes mod look up Bioplentia on mcpedl
Redleviathan 1 year ago
Yeah the download link doesn't work. I've tried 7 times, and of the few times it DIDN'T redirect me to a virus site, it directed me to a portal gun mo
Zybex_11 2 years ago

hi its taking me too a random addon/mod also this is happening with other addons too if u can fix it thank you. For some reason it keeps taking me to a portal gun mod. This also happened for another addon and it took me to a different addon i wanted, either a weird bug or something but please fix it. Thank you 

Sleepyren 2 years ago
Download link takes me to a portal gun mod? 
boolM4in 2 years ago
good mod, thx
guru09 2 years ago
JUst lke java
EpicPlaya 2 years ago
Wow, the desert one is amazing
KolGuf 2 years ago
Not as many biomes as the java edition but this is GREAT
jipET 2 years ago
If it had more biomes probably the add on would become too hard to run in some devices