X-Commands v.1.2.0

Published Dec 20, 2015
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xReVoLT - iTheme 4 years ago

Also, instead of it being one giant .js File, I added a Part 1 and Part 2 in the next update. Why? Due to many errors, I decided to seperate them.

xReVoLT - iTheme 4 years ago

There being fixed in the new update soon. Right now, If you go on my twitter @xReVoLTiTheme, you'll see the updates and bug fixes. There were many bugs in this version. About 95% are fixed. The only ones that are in beta are, /morph, /clear inventory, and /xRay. I did a lttile bit of upgrading to all of them. 

Also, I extended this mod and added a bunch of other Mods including, X-Arrow(Nuke Arrow on shoot), X-Builder(Like WE), X-Commands, X-Effects, X-Music(Background music player), X-Structures(2 Pixel art - Creeper, and a Heart. 3 Structures - Small Wooden House 1, Small Modern House, and a Medium-Sized Modern House)

Will add in the 1.4.0 for structures: Ore House, Moosrom Hoome, Modern House Remix, Gem House, Brick Hotel, Modern Hotel, and a Diamond Home.

Christian152013 4 years ago

Fix your commands they don't work I tried using xray and gamemode but does not work plz fix it