Published Oct 30, 2016
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How to use Minecraft PE Seeds
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Alesscreeper 2 years ago

👎 is seriously? why do you do this? 👎

Classy Turtle 4 years ago

It takes practice to become a Minecrafter. Keep on making ur seeds better, or create an actual seed.👎

SirCaptin 4 years ago

Oh and u need jailbreak to get mods on iOS if you have a apple deviceĀ 

SirCaptin 4 years ago

If you want to get upload a seed first u need to go and create a world on minecraft second u see what is cool about the world third you take pictures of the cool parts about it forth you find out the seed and you copy on something fifth you go to submit seed and do a title like "15 Diamond seed" just do the title about the seed nothing else and you wright some thing about the seed in the description sixth you paste the seed where it say "seed" and put the version the seed is in or if it is compatible with that version if the version you are in is not there than put in the title the version it is in like ( 0.16.0 ) seventh you put pictures you took of the seed there (make sure you put the right ones) eighth you put a tag if the tag you need is not there just put a random one and finally you push upload and there! your seed is upload but they have to approve it so it will take a while

sorry about my first comment I did not mean it I just didn't read the description pls forgive I am so sorry

and also I hope this helped

SirCaptin 4 years ago

That just an ocean with something u built it's not a seed