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Published Sep 24, 2016
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Gilio469 1 year ago
Since ur not their
Gilio469 1 year ago
I know u have approved my last comment but might I ask that u pls. Put my name in the staff list and op me si
Gilio469 1 year ago
Uh hi my mcpe username is Gilio469 and I want to be a part of your staff team and I think I can help the server to be better and I have been looking for a server that needs staff and I think for this server I want/need to be a owner/co-owner of this server, reply to me if you will consider me 
sarthaktexas 1 year ago
my username is sarthaktexas i was wondering if we could maybe partner our server like yours be like survival and mine be creative and i wanted to be part of your staff so message me at [email protected] if ur interested thanks i also am really good at redstone and i can help grow ur server so op me and im a good builder btw i WAS part of fyre uk but they stopped and i am also part of team nectar
Joshi429 1 year ago

Hi my user name is randomguy49 wondering if I can be part of your staff team and help grow your server

Ouch_BunLeap 1 year ago

Hey My gamer tag StockyRapier80 if you want me to be staff just op me.And let me any Rank like CoOwner or Owner ok. Because I'm the first want there ok.