Chocapic Shaders (Minecraft Window 10 Edition Only) (Updated)

Published Dec 22, 2018
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lolasdaw 16 days ago

the more you move, the more the sheets move, very badly shader, and they do not let you publish it on sites, very badly on your part(Google Translate)

sorakeyblade1213 16 days ago
AMAZING!!! the only problem i have is, this shadow glitch with my slabs when i log out, i have to keep replacing them. also it would be amazing if you could make the shadows move! that would be sooo cool! and im really into making modern houses, i would love for the sun shadow to go through my window alot better, because theres alot of glass in modern houses and it would look amazing! keep up the good work! (:
Galactic_Midget 20 days ago

I have an issue when I log out and then back in my slabs are dark as if it's a lighting glitch and the sand is a bit bright as well and if I play for a while the leaves stop waving and glitch and I can only fix this by reloading the game. If you could fix these or tell me how that would be amazing. Other than that it's the best shader.

JoseDaniel2905 1 month ago
Hello friend, can I make a video of your shader? I upload Minecraft content from Windows 10 and I have a 4000 channel, I would also like to publish it on my website.
JoseDaniel2905 in reply to darksidestudios 1 month ago

I'm sorry, I'm not fluent in English. I am using the translator. Well, it does not matter.

darksidestudios 1 month ago
What do you mean? and no you aren't allowed to publish it on your site! but you can on youtube dont forget to credit me
Nolab 1 month ago
Works great and I love the way glass looks. Add wavy water, and this will end up under top rated.
TattieTheSnorlx 2 months ago
This is pretty good! Although when you start sprinting the leaves or grass start waving super speed lol. 
HITESHgamrr 2 months ago

Guys believe me, this shader is unbelievable. I was so upset that no cool shaders are available for windows 10 Edition. Tears came from my eyes, by seeing this awesome shader running on my potato PC at 60 FPS. Damn, this is the best shader for windows 10. Thanks a lot. No lag, plus unbelievable look. Before, better together update, there was a shader "creeper shader", which was ported to windows 10, that no longer works... But this is my new hope.

skv13 2 months ago
dude im really happy that the shader works ( its my first working shader for win 10) it looks awesome, but it has some bugs like for example when im not moving the leaes and grass are moving slowly but when i go or run then the grass and leaves starting moving fast. Pls fix. Also the night looks unrealistic. Its just black and white filter. But big thanks to u for the shader (cant wait to see that REALISTIC water) Good job!
electro7 2 months ago
it says that the site is not working PLEASE FIX IT !!!
darksidestudios 2 months ago

I have updated the links 🙂 or u can also download from here