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Energy Shaders (All platforms!)

Published Mar 21, 2017
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KUFFOKKII 2 months ago

HEY know people say this does not work and maybe its because your not using the right file. mcpe Is the file i use, when it takes me to mediafire and if it is a zip file i don't trust it, if it is a mcpe file i give it a try. i do not know if you can do this but, make this into a mcpe file. plz

DaitanSenpaiBR 1 year ago

I have already downloaded the file, but in the publication there is no talking how to install. Could someone explain to me please? Grateful.

DeepDaHeap 1 year ago
Please if you can please add wavy leaves and grass
muncrafthoob 1 year ago

this worked thanks. but the clouds are not foggy type. theyre just normal minecraft clouds but everything else works.

Esmodea 1 year ago

Is this only for the beta version and not the full better together edition of windows ten?

Stytt 1 year ago
I downloaded it, now how do  i add it to my game? (i'm using minecraft Windows 10 Edition)
DatBoi386 1 year ago
Why? it works fine for me
MinecraftHub 2 years ago
Not good to hear! What issue did you have while downloading?
MinecraftHub 2 years ago
Which part of the download is not working? The Download button is properly redirecting to the Mediafire link.