kuda shader mcpe (work for all the devices)

Published Aug 8, 2019
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mayconprr 2 months ago
Hi man, thanks. But my mine have a bug, its only show the sky, nothing more. All blocks had disappered. Can i fix that 
FlipoChannel 2 months ago
is the problem happend on all shaders or just this one?
rightful 5 months ago
can please explain how to get past the ads? every shader you post has ads on it and i follow what you say to do but it dosent work
FlipoChannel 3 months ago

look prees on the download button after click on the *im not robot* then few pages will pop upu just keep close them i think they're 3 any way after u close them all back to the downlaod page and click on *click here to continue* and u w ill get to counter down 8 wait 8 secs and at the end u will get to a page clik on *click here to continue* but its color is green dont forget about that

FlipoChannel in reply to Red17Kush 4 months ago
no bro i swear i try it if u cant just search how to bypass the ads on clicksfly
Zmaghri999 5 months ago
thank u bro this shader is crazy i love and i download both of them default and ultra♥
Aboude256 5 months ago
guys if u want to submit this shader easly u should have an optifne mcpe and flipo actualy upload it so go to mod pe and u will find it
FlipoChannel 5 months ago
thank u i edit the post and put it in the description
pewcraftpie 5 months ago
i already download it from him it really increase my fps 
BidgerBester666 5 months ago
guys the only differnt between the default and low is that the low ver is not have animated trees so its ok if u chose the low
LilCraft69 5 months ago
wht's the requirments for the ultra version pls
KaweMane69 5 months ago
i only lose 2-3fps thank u bro keep up♥
GeekCrafter 5 months ago
woooooooooooooow soo smooth 
alaa3zy 5 months ago
i download the default one and it work great and i have 2 gb ram i can play the ultra ver?