General Submission Guidelines

  • All content submitted must be yours or must be submitted with explicit permission of the creator, which attached images showing this evidence. Our Moderation team does randomly reach out to the creators if you're posting on their behalf and will check.
  • Screenshots and descriptions attached with your submissions must be of quality. Your screenshots should outline all features of your submission, and your description should give users an idea of what's included in your submission (map, mod, server, etc.)
  • Reposting content that is already posted on our site is not allowed. If you're the creator of a submission and have an update for it, you can simply update the title, download, and description. Resubmitting something for an update is not permitted.
  • Ad links are allowed on Minecraft Hub, but the ad link redirect process must be of the following: Once the download button is clicked, it can redirect to an ad link, the ad link must immediately redirect to the Mediafire or Dropbox link. Mediafire and Dropbox are the only two official download platforms we supported. If the ad link redirects to anything other than a Mediafire or Dropbox link, your content will be denied. Our Moderator’s strictly enforce this rule.
  • All your content must be malware clean.
  • All content must be appropriate for a younger audience. Submissions with swear words or inappropriate messages throughout the submission will be denied.


  • Your server must be running the latest version of the game.
  • Your server must not require you to have any mods installed to connect or play it to the fullest potential.
  • Your server name must be clean.
  • You are not allowed to use temporary servers, such as NetherBox Instant or similar services. Your server must be a "permanent" servers, most often renewed on a periodic basis.
  • Your server must be easy to understand and navigate without much help needed from server staff to get around.


  • Your skin must be using the most up to date skin format provided. This does include 3D layering just so there are not incompatible skins between versions.
  • Your skin must be appropriate and clean. We do not accept nude skins or skins with inappropriate, racist or unjust imaging on them.


  • Your mod must work on the latest publicly available version available.
  • The mod must be clean with no malicious intent to the users game.
  • The mod must not contain any inappropriate content or language.
  • If the mod will lag the users device or game, a warning must be posted in the description.


  • You must be the creator of the map and the map must be up to date for the latest version of the game. If you are submitting a map for a version that is out to date, your submission will be denied.
  • Your map must not be using blocks or entities that are only included with a mod pack. It must be fully accessible just simply by using the Vanilla versions of the game.
  • A warning must be posted on all submissions if your map may cause device or game lag.


  • Seeds should only be posted if there is a monument or something cool on the seed.
  • You must provide directions on how to provide the highlighted area, such as villages, cool structures, etc.
  • The seed must already not be posted by other users. Check before posting.


  • No PC ports are allowed unless you have permission from the original creator.
  • You must be the original creator of the pack.
  • You are allowed to merge packs and upload them.
  • You cannot change only a few textures and then upload. You must change a big majority of an already created pack if you'd like to post it and claim it as your own.
  • You MUST credit all original creators of ALL textures. If you made the texture, you must state that you have done so.