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Published May 15, 2015
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Being able to play games with controllers has always been popular, and well-enjoyed by gamers. Sadly, us Pocket Edition players have missed out on that feature for a long time now. Today, controller support for the game gets briefly discussed by Tommaso, a Minecraft Pocket Edition game developer.

"I just went around in Minecraft's GUI manually hacking in button responses to the controller, one by one"

If you are confused by this, Tommaso is stating that he began working on controller support for Minecraft Pocket Edition! Shortly afterwards, he also talked about revamping the UI for the game, by making it more flexible for controller support.

"Fortunately we'll soon raze the entire UI to the ground, so that we'll be able to have proper controller support among other things"

So when can we expect to see controller support for Minecraft Pocket Edition? No one knows! Tommaso gave no hints or clues as to when we will see this feature implemented into the gameā€”but we can guess, and say possibly within the next two large updates.

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