How to Connect to Minecraft PE Servers

Published Aug 23, 2017
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In this guide, I'll be going over how to connect to a Minecraft Pocket Edition server. 

  1. (Optional): You will need to have a server to connect to prior to following the steps of this guide. If you want to start your own server and own it, you need to purchase a Minecraft PE server from NetherBox. Click here to purchase a NetherBox server for 25% off. 
  2. You will need Minecraft Pocket Edition. You must purchase this from the App Store, Play Store, or any other market where it is sold. 
  3. Click the Play button. 
  4. Select “Friends.” 
  5. To the right of the “Add Friend” button, you’ll see a smaller square button that looks like a server. 
  6. On this page, you’ll need to input a Server Name, Server Address, and a server port number. In this guide, we’ll be connecting to the Lifeboat server. Therefore, I’ll fill the following fields in as below: Server Name: Lifeboat
    Server Address:
    Port: 19132 
  7. Click Save when you’ve input the proper server information.
  8. You have now added the server to your server bookmarks on the game. Join by clicking on the server.
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Ab123 4 years ago
Horrible I can’t even join any game just horrible
sikandar9898 5 years ago

very good detail .... 

i hope you will find more detail about Minecraft here 


Charliechops 5 years ago

How do you get mods and seeds

TheDiamondYT 6 years ago

This will need updating for the 1.2 update, since xbox live accounts and now a requirement.