How To Install Minecraft PE Maps

Published Jan 6, 2017
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Worlds come in two different file types. If you have a .mcworld folder / file, please continue to read this tutorial. If you have a .mcpack folder / file, you can install those simply by opening the file with Minecraft Pocket Edition, as Mojang directly can import those without use of an external program.

However, .mcworld installations are more complex, and do require a file explorer (we use iFunBox, built for Windows & Mac). There are many of file explorers you can use from the App Store and Play Store, however we don’t officially condone any from either of those stores, so our tutorial will be based off of iFunBox.

  1. We’ll need to start off by downloading and installing iFunBox. You can download the program from their official website (, but we’ve added direct download links for both Windows and Mac below.
    Windows: (this may be outdated, please check their official site for the most up to date link)
    Mac: (this may be outdated, please check their official site for the most up to date link)
  2. Go ahead and plug your device into your computer using the connection cable, most commonly the connection cable is the same as the cable you use to charge your device with.
  3. You’ll need to find a map to install at this point, thankfully Minecraft Hub has thousands to offer. We’ve added a link for your convenience to view all PE maps on our site:
  4. After finding an awesome map to install, if you haven’t already, open iFunBox and navigate to the “File Explorer” tab.
  5. You should see your device name on the left hand navigation column, double click on your device name, and then on the main navigation area, click “User Applications”.
  6. Under the ‘iTunes File Sharing” title, you should see a list of all your installed applications. Find the Minecraft PE icon and click on it, then select “Open Sandbox”.
  7. At this point, you should see a few folders. Find the one called “games”, double click on it to open it, and then double click com.mojang, and then finally double click to enter “minecraftWorlds”.
    In this folder, you’ll see a list of all the worlds / maps you have installed on your device. You’ll need to uncompress/unzip the zipped folder you downloaded when you downloaded the world. We’ve linked tutorials below on how to do this:
    Mac: (reference the "Unzipping a File“ section)
  8. Once you have your world unzipped, simply paste it into your “minecraftWorlds” folder on iFunBox, you can also drag and drop the folder.

At this point, you’ve successfully installed a Minecraft Pocket Edition map. Restart your game, and you’ll be able to play on your world.

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ProKing12 4 years ago
This thing helped me Thx
Lost_Devil15 4 years ago
I think there are other ways to do it like ES file explorer. 
Rabidred 5 years ago
Eeehmm this says the worlds come in two different files and mc.pack.....but i just downloaded a zip. File.... guys someone really has to help me. I spent years trying to download maps on mcpe doing every step and every move right and still the worlds come out a
Lost_Devil15 4 years ago
It might be because of world height limits.
Rabidred 5 years ago

It just comes out cut in height (some builings are just cut) or it does not come out at all.....

Rabidred 5 years ago

I need help i have an android and i have mcpe 1.7.0 and i specifically want to download kings landing map. I remember downloading that a some six months ago and now it does not come out right

sikandar9898 5 years ago

 cool information... good effort


Minecrafter! 5 years ago
I have no idea what this is trying to tell me.
Shiv 5 years ago
It's an article trying to show you how to install custom maps/worlds to your game.
Spencer Sullivan 6 years ago
VIRUS!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD LINK!!!! I downloaded the ifunbox link for windows. When I tried installing it my computer detected and shut down my whole comeputer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Shiv 5 years ago
iFunBox is not a virus. Please investigate and research prior to posting incorrect information; it's a trusted piece of software.
7 years ago
Hey is there any way to install maps for pe without a pc using an iPhone 7 unjailbroken
Immaminecraftian 5 years ago
How? I don’t know how to do any of this...
FloBoi 6 years ago

I have a tutorial on that, right here:

kungpow13 7 years ago
running a local home server for minecraft PE, how do you add/change the default 'world'?