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Published Feb 7, 2016
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 Hello everyone, TheEnderBlitz here. This blog post will be featuring MCPEHub interviewing ChaoticSynergy! Make sure to read below and learn about ChaoticSynergy and his life as a Minecraft: Pocket Edition YouTuber! 

What made you start YouTube?

I got inspired by many Minecraft PC Youtubers to record Minecraft. Since I didn't have a computer at the time I decided to record MCPE instead as a alternative.

How long has it been since you started YouTube?

I started Youtube on December 10th 2014.

What is the most enjoyable thing on YouTube that you enjoy doing?

Reading comments & feedback from the viewers and responding to them whether it's via comments or twitter.

Let say, people started a YouTube channel, what would you say to them?

Do something unique in whatever community you're in but also be yourself. Try to do a unique series & it will get noticed.

Is there any other things you do that are not YouTube Related, that you enjoy?

I enjoy running. Hanging out with irl friends. Hanging out with my girlfriend.

Is there anything eles you would like to say, to the people reading this?

Just have fun with Youtube.

 Alright! Thanks for the interview Chaotic! I hope everyone who is reading this had a fun time learning and reading about Chaotic! Make sure to stay tuned for more blog/interviews posts in the feature. Enjoy your stay here at! 

Here, for reading and learning about ChaoticSynergy you get a cake! 

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