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Published Feb 17, 2016
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Welcome to another blog post, and today we are featuring the #1 MCPE Build Team which is EliteBuilds! They have so many awesome creations that they build block by block, detail by detail, it's just so amazing.

What inspired you guys to start building?

The first time I downloaded mcpe, I didn't know about creative/survival, so I walked a little bit, didn't understand it, and uninstalled it. I heard about creative mode and gave it a try. I discovered that I really enjoyed it! It rapidly became something that I would open when I was feeling creative, or when I was stressed, it would be therapeutic for me.

What are some of the Elite projects that you guys are proud of?

We are most proud about our Inspiration Server projects. Our Inspiration Server 1 map is nearing 300,000 downloads and inspired many builders to create their own projects. We also released a Cops n Robbers 2 port that was played by youtubers like JFM, Nexy, AceCraft, and Mr. Moopig.
We also released a SkyBiomes PVP map, and have done many server commissions, all of which we do not feel are complete unless we can be proud of it.

Who are the current members on the Build Team?

Leader, @CreatrixPE

Founding member, @Fattywhale_

@TYDANGEROUS @LUCASB276 @crazy_noob_jr @Alacrity_MC

As the leader of Elite Builds, what eles do you do outside of MCPE/Gaming?

I actually work in construction/renovation

What's EliteBuilds Motto?

Our motto: Think Big, Build Bigger... Means that we try to think bigger, in terms of the community. We understand that ppl in the community look up to us, and we try to set an example for others to follow. We aren't perfect, but neither is anyone else.
The build bigger part is self-explanatory

Any other "important members" there are in Elite Builds?

Our founding members/original team consisted of Marcus, @S3CRETH4X , me, @Fattywhale_ , and Nick.
Nick is retired now, but was a parkour master and maker of NPC and NTC Parkour map

When were you guys founded?

We were founded in October 2013, we are sponsored by @HostingItAll

How does one apply for Elite Builds?

Go ahead and click this link: Elite Builds Apply

EB's Graphic Artist: Elite Builds GFX

There you go everyone, that was an interview with the #1 MCPE Build Team, Elite Builds! If you would like to see more interviews, blog posts, etc.. Please make sure to like, fav, and comment on this post! That really shows the support!


TheEnderBlitz: (Writer)

Elite Builds Team: (person we interviewed) Elite Builds!

MCPEHub: Follow MCPEHub!

*All pictures/screenshots are from Elite Builds!

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Landy 8 years ago


CreatrixPE 8 years ago

Just so you guys know, I answered the questions.

I really hope my work inspires others to put in the same dedication and passion into whatever they do, that I did to build EB to what it is. Nothing great comes quickly, just the same as there is no quick way to great.

That said, it was an honor to be interviewed. 🙂

Jack 8 years ago

Thanks everyone for reading this blog post! Be sure, to leave a like, fav, and comment! 🙂