Interview w/ Shoghi Cervantes

Published Jun 20, 2015
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It's that time again, where MCPE Hub interviews an awesome somebody from the community. This time, we are interviewing someone very special. Shoghi is an employee at Mojang, as well as the creator of the PocketMine-MP server software. Without wasting any more time, let's get right into it!


What do you do as a Mojang employee?

  • I work in Minecraft Pocket Edition, but I think you already know that. I mostly work on the server part and network, Realms, fixing stuff broken on Linux, and fixing small stuff in other parts of the code that don't scare me.

Do you think PocketMine-MP will ever meet the standards of Realms as far as server stability goes?

  • Realms standard... I can tell you that the MCPE "dedicated server" is way more glitchy than PocketMine right now. Well, it has all the features, but everything is half working. At least I'm trying to improve it. About PocketMine, I hope so!

What inspired you to start developing PocketMine-MP?

  • I wanted to document (reverse-engineer) the network protocol used to communicate between clients and the server... But then people started using it as a real server and I started adding gameplay features. 

Are there more Minecraft Pocket Edition developers in Redmond? If so, what are some of their tasks?

  • There are more, as Tomasso said. They are helping us acquire feature parity faster.

About when did you start learning to program? How did you start learning to program?

  • I started when I was 12-13. I tried to understand other people's code or documentation as a way to learn. No video tutorials!

How will Realms work when they are released?

  • They'll work mostly like the current Realms for PC, but with some limited features in the first months.

Do you like to play any games in your free time? If so, what are some of those?

  • I like to play them, but for me programming is also a hobby. I mostly play Locomotion (or OpenTTD), Cities: Skylines (or SimCity 4), Portal (1 & 2), and TrackMania.

How were you brought onto the Mojang team? About when did you join the Mojang team, and begin working on MCPE?

  • We had some communication going on before I got asked, so that helps. It happened around October 2014 and went a few days to the offices in November. They got a liking for me and I started in January/February!

When did you start developing PocketMine-MP?

  • Although I had been researching things before, I pushed the first lines of code on October 2012, you can see the first commit here.

When working on Minecraft Pocket Edition, specifically what do you find to be the most difficult?

  • Trying to make other coworkers understand the importance of having a good network protocol and implementing new features in a good way (both gameplay and network code!).

How do you (and the rest of the team) deal with feature requests for the game?

  • Mostly all the time we get the "best idea ever" that "nobody has ever thought about", like... adding redstone and horses to MCPE. Seriously, we are working towards feature parity. Stop asking those! About other requests... Most features can't be implemented as-is, they need to be discussed, designed properly, implemented, tuned, and must feel nice. All of that takes time, and it's not as simple as slapping a button in a random part of the screen.

Can you add X to Minecraft?

  • See the answer above this one. ^

I want to know when Minecraft Pocket Edition version X is going to be out!

  • Really? I want to know that as well! We release things when they feel great and are not broken, usually we don't have set dates. So we know more or less the same as you!


On behalf of MCPE Hub, I would like to thank Shoghi for participating in our interview with himself. If you would like to see more interviews with some awesome community members, be sure to let me know in the comments! Also, please do not forget to check out Shoghi's links below this text.

Twitter | PocketMine-MP | Mojang

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