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Published May 17, 2015
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With our recent release of the blog on MCPE Hub, the team and I figured that the best way to get the show started is by doing an interview with iPhoneTips1, or his real name, Niraj. Some to many of you may be wondering who Niraj is, and what makes him so special to the Minecraft Pocket Edition community, so let's learn about him!


Q: When was the InPvP Network established?
A: InPvP was estabished, well, we launched on Christmas Eve of 2014, but we started work a few months before that.

Q: What key role do you play on the team?
A: I guess you could say I handle the buisness side to things? You may be asking.. business side? What business side? Well things like making sure the server can pay for its self, making sure people are getting what they paid for, etc.

Q: How many people are working as staff for the InPvP Network, what are their names, and what roles do they play on the team?
A: We have 4 people working for the team:
Myself - @iphonetips1
Dan, who is our Lead Developer - @TruDan97
Robert, who is another one of our developers - @mijnnaamrobert
Mmmeh, who is our map builder - @mmmehbby

Q: How was the idea of forming the InPvP Network developed, AKA, what inspired you guys to create these popular servers?
A: Well, to start, Instant Network was going to be a PC mini-games server about two years ago (back before Mineplex existed), and we had issues bringing it up. I then saw the Pocket Edition commuinity, and saw that lacked some good ole' fun minigames. This is where Dan comes in, as he knew how to code PHP. I got in contact with him and I decided, because we have the domains and it was a good concept, we would call it Instant Network (InPvP).

Q: What game mode did the InPvP Network first offer to its players upon its initial release?
A: We offered Hunger Games. This isn't survival games, but where you would have to go and get your weapons and resources. It did well for the first gamemode.

Q: Statistically, out of the game modes InPvP offers, which is the most popular?
A: Statistically, our Block Hunt servers is what we are most known for. It's something that had never been seen done in Pocket Edition, which is why it stood out so much!

Q: What is your favorite game mode out of the ones the InPvP Network offers?
A: I really like the 0.11 Block Hunt changes we have made. Makes a whole new meaning to standing still, hiding from people. It'll add a lot more to do!

Q: Are there any upcoming features on your guys' servers, or any new game modes that the community should know about? If so, what are some of them?
A: Well, we are going to be revamping every gamemode we have for the 0.11 update. This includes changing the HG server to a UHC server, adding kits and new gamemodes to Arcade, making Block Hunt a lot more engaging, and lastly a new gamemode called Build Battles!

Q: On average, about how many hours each week do you spend working on the servers?
A: At the moment, I myself have to work on many things at once. I also own a large PC server Network, so I have to make sure that it's going fine also. I don't really have a set amount of time I work on the servers, but when there's things to be done, we make sure that we are constantly working together with the amazing developer team to get it sorted! Making sure we follow our motto: Be Cool, Be Instant.

Q: From the community, who is your biggest inspiration, and why?
A: JFM. The guy is constantly coming out with great video ideas and making sure his fans get the best Pocket Edition content on YouTube. I know it's hard to keep daily uploads, so this guys really steps it up a notch.

Q: What are some features that you would like to see implemented into Minecraft Pocket Edition within the next couple of large updates?
A: *inserts moan for sprinting and hunger* I'm sure everyone wants that, but what could be very cool would be some sort of enchanting features, or a buff to the weapons system to give PvP that more of a meaning.

Q: Other than working on the InPvP Network, what are some of your hobbies or activities you find to be fun that closely relate to the community and its game?
A: Like I said before, I currently also run a PC server, so with that and InPvP, I also have to study at University. But I enjoy playing League of Legends to let off some steam.

Q: What type(s) of Minecraft Pocket Edition maps (e.g. Parkour, Survival, Adventure, etc.) do you enjoy playing the most, and why?
A: Hmmm, this is a hard question. I enjoy parkour maps, I guess it's been moved over from PC, but I love a bit of parkours, because once you get in to the swing of things, it's alot of fun!

Q: Do you ever find yourself watching Minecraft Pocket Edition videos on YouTube in your spare time? If so, who do you enjoy watching the most?
A: I do! I love watching some videos from the spanish community! I don't understand a word, but they get so worked up with there voice it's amazing! I also want to give a shout out to the brazilian community for being the first to find InPvP, and AA12 for making the first english YouTube video for us!

Q: Do you ever play on servers other than InPvP? If so, what are some of them?
A: Sure, I enjoy playing other servers, but I feel like if I say which ones, I'll get a [Traitor] rank on all other servers that I wouldn't mention, haha!


And that wraps it up! On behalf of the MCPE Hub team, I would really like to thank Niraj for taking part in this interview we offered to him. If you enjoyed reading, be sure to leave a comment telling us! Do you have any ideas on how I can improve with these types of blog posts? Please be sure to leave a comment about that as well. I would love to hear feedback from you readers!

Keep checking back at our blog for more awesome content such as Minecraft Pocket Edition update news, interviews with others from the community, and more!

Please do not forget to follow Niraj on Twitter, as he would greatly appreciate the support. Also, you can learn about the InPvP Network here.

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