MCPE 1.0.4 Update Released!

Published Mar 10, 2017
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As of yesterday, Mojang released the long-awaited 1.0.4 update for MCPE. With this update comes a great load of bug fixes, and some new features! Let's go over some of the main things that came with this update.

New Additions:

  • Villager Trading
  • Strangers Skin Pack ($1.99 USD)
  • Music, sounds, and UI can now be modified using Add-Ons
  • Added Storage screen in Settings to manage worlds, resource packs, and behavior packs
  • New Add-On format (All of your old Add-Ons will automatically update to the new format. You may see warnings on those Add-Ons but they will still be fully functional)

Bug Fixes:

  • Mobs will no longer escape fenced-in areas when loading a world
  • Fixed elytra death message when flying into a wall
  • Fixed an iOS crash when importing files into your game
  • Fixed rotated item texture on dropped Anvils
  • Fixed a crash when exiting a game session
  • Arrows will no longer turn black after hitting opaque blocks
  • Fixed crashes when launching a world with Behavior Packs and Resource Packs that had errors in the pack manifests
  • Lava no longer leaks out of Blacksmith houses
  • The game no longer needs to be restarted before a shader pack is applied
  • World hosts will no longer crash when another player accepts a resource pack while joining a game
  • Fixed a crash when using the Elytra
  • Mobs no longer walk in circles if they spawn or walk on a block made from two slabs
  • Destroying a painting no longer destroys the block behind it
  • "DIAMONDS!" and "Body Guard" achievements will now properly unlock in Survival mode
  • Capes will no longer appear when wearing the Elytra
  • Donkeys once again spawn in the Plains biome
  • Clicks are now registered when quickly right-clicking items in the inventory


  • Shulker and Ender Dragon models can now be edited using Add-Ons
  • Husks are now a little bit taller than regular zombies
  • Baby villagers have larger heads
  • Addition of CDN for downloading optional content, reducing game file sizes
  • Added low render distance options for older devices

This list is only a summary of the numerous changes that 1.0.4 brought to the game. For the full changelog, visit this page:
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Minecraft Hub 7 years ago
Thanks for the great changelog, Flo! Great work and even better #MCPE update. :)
FloBoi 7 years ago
Thank ya, MCH! ;)
FloBoi 7 years ago
No problem :)