MCPE Beta 0.11.0 - Build 11

Published May 18, 2015
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Minecraft Pocket Edition's official version of 0.11 has yet to be released. The developers are still working out bugs, along with implementing new features as they go. 


New Features

- Wolfs can now eat rotten flesh
- Fishing rod in 3rd person

Bug Fixes
- Fixed crash when closing server
- Fixed crash on joining worlds
- Fixed crash on low memory
- Fixed crash on disabling wifi
- Fixed crash on switching worlds
- Fixed bug on selecting free skins
- Fixed minecarts and boats for multiplayer
- Fishing button now gets priority over the leave boat button
- Fixed bug with furnace smelting whilst output slot is full
Selected language is now centered in the language list
- Players no longer fall through the world when spawn is at 0 height
- Fixed block sides not showing on 0 height
- Fixed players in creative-mode dying by void
- Fixed entities being invisible below and above the world
- Fixed boat riding behavior on reconnect
- Players no longer spawn in transparent blocks
- Animals can no longer breed without touching each other
- Fixed block break speed when under haste effect
- Fixed boats’ hitbox so that it doesn’t prevent fishing and breaking blocks while looking down

- Several changes in the skin packs


Keep checking back at our blog to see when new updates, builds, or official versions release for Minecraft Pocket Edition!

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