MCPE Beta 0.11.0 - Build 12

Published May 20, 2015
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The Minecraft Pocket Edition developers are still releasing builds for the MCPE 0.11.0 beta version. Hopefully, the official version of the game will release soon, and these beta builds will come to an end. Here is the changelog to the latest build the developers released!


Bug Fixes
- Fixed crash when client uses the last item of a stack
- Fixed crash when breaking flowers/mushrooms
- Fixed crash when being disconnected while the game is suspended
- Survival mode no longer has increased picking range
- Fixed issue where joining player would appear to receive damage when joining world
- Armor no longer decreases damage from poison
- Fixed spawners never appearing in mineshafts, and now they spawn Cave Spiders
- You can now throw snowballs, eggs and shoot arrows from a boat
- Fixed buckets being unable to be used under water
- It’s now easier to get into boats while holding a boat in your hand (under water)
- Creative players can no longer be set on fire
- Chickens can no longer walk on water
- Client players no longer have an infinite amount of food
- Baby slimes no longer spawn in peaceful
- Skins are now centered on the skin pack screen
- Fixed several localization issues

- Removed extra items (like different types of swords) from the creative inventory
- Changed the way the select skin is highlighted


Keep checking back at our blog to see when new updates, builds, or official versions release for Minecraft Pocket Edition!

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