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Published Jun 14, 2015
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hurri 1 year ago
can I download on iPad?
Index666 3 years ago

Hello,may I ad the great map to MCBBS(www.mcbbs.net)?

PopperBubblez46 3 years ago
It just takes me to a DRIVERFIXER ad, use MEDIAFIRE dummy
thicc zuck 4 years ago
use mediafire not this google shit. nobody can download it.
Janeye35 5 years ago
Update link pls i need bluetopia it looks amazing too!
BrianChing200046 5 years ago
the links works, just skip AD and possible press ALLOW, it will bring you to the google drive! (then unallow after downloading in the browser settings).
Jesusherehelpingyou 5 years ago

Finally I found they way to download this.

1st step : Click on the link, go to the zip or mcworld file, (depending on your device)

2nd step : If it says “Oops, there was a problem with the network. Retrying..” (something like that) click on the three dots (°°°) on the top right. Click on the open to new window. 

3rd step : VIOLA click on download and your good to go :) have any enquiries feel free to reply.

JadaGirl 5 years ago
i think you meant "voila". I believe "viola" is an instrument.
Jesusherehelpingyou 5 years ago
You need a files manager app for the zip file. Download one, I use Browser and Documents manager. Copy the download link, go to the downloaded app and tap on the browser section. Then paste it in and download. There you go.
NoobStarShark 5 years ago

Plz give me link this gives me ANXIETY!

Russvlogz 5 years ago
The download link doesn’t work.Can you give me a link without the google drive
Penguingrl098 6 years ago
Is there anyway I can build on this? I’d love to help build this amazing city. It’s fine if you say no. I just really would like to help out.
SiugoCyclops 6 years ago

Hello! I am Hugo Siu, a builder of Bluetopia. Can u give me a way to contact u in private so we can discuss being a builder for Bluetopia?

BrianChing200046 6 years ago
Sure you can, but we need you to prove that you are qualified to build beautifully. Please contact us directly, contact information is provided in the Travel Guide of Blue Topia.